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Amico Headwalls offer accessibility and convenience in an easy to maintain, attractive and modern package. Manufactured using the highest quality materials, Amico’s headwall are an excellent choice for all acuity levels. The placement of outlets, receptacles and communications are configured to meet the caregivers’ needs, and architect’s designs.
Amico Overbed Lights offer an aesthetic appeal through custom color laminate panels and a design to match any patient room design. Ask about our multifunction light switch to reduce construction cost and offer your staff the easiest to use system in the industry today!!
Thanks to innovative thinking and technology, Amico offers an ICU boom with integrated Patient Lift that can lift over 1000 lbs!! Ask about our PLP option for your ICU booms today!!
The Oasys OR Controls will give your facility the capabilities of a large teaching facility at the price you can afford. The Oasys patented GUI interface will also allow your facility to grow without paying expensive software upgrades.
Since 2004, Healthcare Design Solutions has been a leader in designing and managing optimal workspace environment construction projects for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We are provide:

  • Hospital Furniture
  • Headwall Systems
  • Healthcare Lighting Equipment
  • Clinical/Equipment Booms
  • IT Stations
  • Respiratory Care Products
  • Fetal Monitor Carts
  • Stretchers
  • Hospital Beds
  • Patient lifts
  • Medical Exam Tables